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Производитель мозаики и смальты

Sicis - мировой лидер в производстве мозаики.
Первый шаг был сделан в 1987 году, когда было решено обратить пристальное внимание на мозаику, перекинуть мостик от античности в сегодняшний день, к современным стандартам. Эта цель была достигнута. Остроумные дизайнерские решения в сочетании с передовыми технологиями позволили фирме приобрести неоспоримое мировое лидерство в области мозаики.
Sicis произвела революцию в мире мозаики и стала крупнейшим мозаичным производством.
Философия Sicis зиждится на твердом убеждении, что Sicis больше чем торговая марка, а мозаика есть нечто большее, чем декоративный материал. Это стиль жизни.
Сочетая древние традиции с современными идеями, Sicis находится в непрерывном развитии, в постоянном поиске, открывая совершенно новые формы мозаики, такие, как, например, одна из коллекций Sicis – мозаика из металла, которая получила название «металлизмо».
Sicis всегда строго соблюдала самые высокие стандарты, что позволило ей стать надежным партнером для создателей самых роскошных и оригинальных интерьеров - в частных резиденциях, в общественных зданиях и особенно в сфере гостиничного дизайна.
Sicis сотрудничает с дизайнерами, воплощающими в жизнь самые необычные мечты, и то, что раньше казалось немыслимым для мозаичных технологий, обретает на Sicis вполне осязаемые формы. Клиентам предлагается разнообразнейшая гамма материалов, цветов и геометрических форм. Мастерски выполненные декоративные мозаичные панели краеугольным камнем ложатся в основу самых изысканных архитектурных проектов.
Основными партнерами Sicis являются международное признанные дизайнерские бюро, работающие в гостиничном бизнесе. Действуя в тесном сотрудничестве с ними, компания Sicis реализовывала мозаики в зданиях, которые на сегодняшний день стали символами роскоши - Бурж-аль-Араб в Дубае, палаццо Версаче на Золотом берегу в Австралии, отель-казино Малабата в Танжере, Спортинг-клаб в Монте-Карло.

The Art Factory. When we tried to summarize the traits of our identity, expressing and highlighting SICIS’s boundaries compared with its interlocutors and the rest of the market, we chose two essential mainstays, the tracks that SICIS’s undertaking and promise have been running along since the very start of its journey.
If the word “Factory” immediately recalls a sense of outstanding production skills, the rhythm and strength that allow inspiration to translate into action, the word “Art” is worth a little more attention.
When we talk about Art we go beyond the sense of specialized craftsmanship - in our case that of the mosaic – and we also go beyond the meaning that is still associated with art: an intensification of time and space, inconsistency of everyday life.
We have always interpreted Art well beyond its form of expression, deep down, completely, throughout the whole process in which it can complete itself: this is where “Art” and “Factory” meet.
And this is why corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability are not regarded as a lost value to be recovered, and least of all as a banner to be shown off far and wide.
Because this is also a component of our nature, of our way of ‘doing’ Art, in mosaics, as everything that is up and downstream of it.
To state the fact that SICIS has never used child or illegal labour, is like stating that a mosaic is the product of a great many fragments. It is obvious. Everything that takes place in SICIS is created by the hands of master artists in our laboratories. We do not believe in outsourcing. Instead, we use local resources, ensuring we always comply with the strictest standards in terms of health and safety at work and protecting the environment. Always, at all costs, true MADE IN ITALY.
There is nothing exceptional in having Man and Nature at heart.
It is simply quite natural that this is the way things are. Indeed, it could be no other way for those intending to work with Art and looking to shoulder our responsibilities.
For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to HYPERLINK "mailto:[email protected]" [email protected]
We will be glad to help you.

SICIS, profile of a successful company
100% made in Italy
The original idea behind SICIS…
The first step was taken in 1987, when SICIS decided to turn its full attention to mosaic, setting the goal of moving this product from the annals of history into the modern age. This goal has been reached and exceeded, as demonstrated by SICIS’ collections and in the prestigious creations in which it plays a leading role throughout the world.
The second step was — and still is — to see mosaic not as a simple tiling product, but as a means of communication, and an expression of trends, fashions, lifestyles …
As far as SICIS is concerned, surfaces exist to be transformed into beauty and art form that represent the signs and languages of our time. It’s the mosaic tesserae that act as the interpreter, joined together in infinite chromatic and decorative combinations … shaping the outlines of architectural and living spaces.
The result is collections such as Murano Smalto, Glass3, Iridium, Metallismo, Waterglass, Neoglass, Basic, Glimmer, Mirror, Bathtub, Flower Power, Colibri and the latest Pin Up, Hedonism, Magic Rug and Bisanzio….,all authentic opportunities for artistic expression.
It is clear that this versatility is combined with Italian creativity, one which touches the sphere of aesthetic sensibilities and style, but also contains a deep awareness of materials and a constant desire to experiment, to go one step beyond. This characteristic is part of SICIS’ genetic makeup.
Technology and know-how … these are the areas in which Sicis has focused in order to develop excellent products with inimitable style. The aesthetic possibilities extend in every direction and combined with a coating of mosaic, appear to be soft as fabric. In fact, the results come from a design ability that impacts, first and foremost, on technical and manufacturing aspects, in which research forges ahead into the territory of avant-garde technology, the starting point for the uniqueness and beauty of SICIS mosaics.
With these dynamics come new and stimulating challenges….
SICIS’ entrance into the Big Apple, with the official opening of the flagship Store in SOHO, New York in July of 2006…
SICIS’ coordination of the distribution of SICIS collections by the creation of SICIS North America through its growing distribution network…following the SICIS philosophy to create an advanced and well organized distribution system, up to the satisfaction of every request from all over the world.
The development of the “Shop in Shop” concept of specialized areas within showrooms across the United States has set SICIS apart from all others. Shop in Shops have opened in Chicago, Arizona, Salt Lake City, New Jersey and Myrtle Beach..with more to come.
Finally, 2009 will be the year for the opening of Sicis in Germany and France
SICIS there is no equal…….

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